Small flock of sheep for sale. All sheep have had their hooves trimmed, dewormed and vaccinated with Covexin-8.
- Pure bred mature Katahdin ram. In great health and shape, proven breeder. Nice quiet ram with people, ewes or lambs. Asking $275.
- Rideau-Arcott cross ewe. Has been exposed to the Katahdin ram for Spring lambs. Big, heavy ewe. A big pet, she is easily handled and friendly. Will give size to your lambs. Asking $225.
- Rideau-Arcott cross ewe. She is black in colour. Has a ewe lamb (Katahdin X) at side (born Oct. 15, ). Nice big ewe, very quiet and friendly. As big as the first one. Will give size to your lambs. Asking $300 with ewe lamb at side.
- Jacob cross ewe. Has had a big ewe lamb on July 16, . Exposed to the ram for a Spring lamb(s). Nice quiet ewe. Asking $200.
- Jacob cross ewe. Gave birth to twin lambs on Oct. 20, . One unfortunately died (accident, not health). Good breeder, very nice fine wool. Has a ewe lamb at side (Katahdin X). Asking $250 with ewe lamb at side.
- Pure Jacob ewe. Born on July 16, . Very nice ewe. 4 months old. She has been running with the ram (Katahdin) but has not been bred yet due to her age. She is big enough to remain with the ram. Almost as big as her mom right now. Asking $300.
Pick-up preferred, delivery can be arranged for a fee. Offers considered, trades may also be considered. Let me know what you have to offer. Reason for selling is getting out of the sheep hobby. Contact by email preferred. Can provide more photos if needed.